It's Been a While
Thu Feb 24th 2011, 2:02am
I'm not blogging anymore. But I plan to leave this site up indefinitely (the content at least, if not the awful looking theme/home-grown engine), since a few people still find my article on Tuning TCP for High Bandwidth-Delay Networks and my Subnetting Quiz useful and/or informative, even though each has become (or becoming, in case of IPv4 subnetting) obsolete at this point!

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Visitor comments
On Wed Mar 2nd 2011, 6:55am, Oscar posted:
Hey Buddy, the content you have in here is worth its weight in gold. I hope you don't kill the site after some time. I --like many others-- really enjoy reading the articles you post.
Have you considered moving to a totally hassle free environment? you can use something like tumblr or posterous to simply post your articles as you wish... they do an awesome job of handling everything for you and you can even use your own domain... for free.

see for a your-own-domain example I'm working on.

Anyway, I hope you don't just ditch this. -- And remember, my offer to host your own wordpress site still stands. :)

On Mon Mar 14th 2011, 9:25pm, Visitor posted:
Please keep this site up. I use it every once in a while to sharpen my subnetting skills when I feel rusty. It's a great tool.

On Wed Mar 16th 2011, 5:45pm, Visitor posted:
Sorry to see you go. I hope you don't mind but as a precaution to this site going down I copied the subnetting quiz to my laptop and running on a webserver there. It is often my lunch entertainment.

On Wed Mar 16th 2011, 5:49pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
I don't blame you! I do however plan to keep everything up, the subnetting quiz in particular, for as long as possible. I should rephrase my post. Glad you enjoy the quiz!

On Mon Apr 11th 2011, 12:46am, Visitor posted:
Dear Steve Kehlet,

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I know this article would be a great addition to your information, and I'm sure that it could help many of your users. Let me know what you think!

Best Wishes,

Hailee Bock

On Tue Jun 14th 2011, 3:17am, Sewolf posted:
Your Subnetting page was passed on to me by my College Instructor for Network Security. I found it very productive and continue to use it from time to time to keep my skills up. I know that ipv4 is now going to be discontinued, but till it actually happens, we will need to know how to do it on ipv4. Keep up the great work!


On Tue Jun 14th 2011, 4:04am, Steve Kehlet posted:
Thanks for letting me know Sewolf. I'm glad you find it helpful.

On Thu Jul 14th 2011, 2:56am, Visitor posted:
I have been searching for a good class A subnetting quiz and this one is perfect! This will definately help me with upcoming certs. Great job!

On Wed Nov 9th 2011, 8:13pm, phil posted:
I am a high school teacher in the Elk Grove Unified School District, near Sacramento; a UC, Berkeley grad, class of '86, and a former resident of Unit 2, Davidson Hall. Here at the school, we are having a college day wear the teachers are being asked to wear their college paraphenalia and spend sometime talking about the colleges they have attended. I ended up using the photos from your 9.2003 return to Berkeley in a powerpoint for my students. Couldn't find better or more varied pictures anywhere else.

On Fri Nov 18th 2011, 9:11pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Phil, glad you liked the pictures :-).