Web Site Moved (Again)
Sun Feb 20th 2005, 1:27pm
Finally tired of the poor performance and quality of service I've experienced with Apollo Hosting, I've pulled eject and moved the site to another provider, Westhost.

The only real hurdle was porting my PostgreSQL-based weblog code to MySQL. I really do like PostgreSQL, but it's not widely offered, and it no longer seems to have any remarkable benefit over MySQL, at least not for me. The InnoDB tables in MySQL support foreign keys, integrity checks, and cascading deletes, and MySQL even supports subselects now. I used InnoDB heavily at a previous job so it was kind of like putting on an old pair of shoes.

So... as often is the case, this is a good thing in the end. While the new service isn't quite as featureful (e.g. ssh, but no root access), it cost half as much, has all the latest software (Apache, MySQL, PHP), and based on some impromptu benchmarks seems to be 33% - 50% faster. We'll see how things stand in six months though.

Visitor comments
On Mon Aug 22nd 2005, 9:58pm, Nishan Fonseka posted:
I was with Apollo too when I came across your site. I cancelled within 30 days and moved to rimuhosting.com. I am sure glad I found them and been with them for 8 months no complaints. Great host if you want java, J2EE, mySQL hosting. Great knowledgeable tech staff who knows what they are doing. Lot of usefull how to articles. Check out my site to see what is possible with them. http://www.actads.com.au

From what I gather they are small company but the service is great and no complaints with the hosting.

Let them know I rfered you if you want to move there.

On Tue Aug 23rd 2005, 10:47am, Steve Kehlet posted:
Yeah, I don't know what the problem with Apollo was, but it seemed like I just got a lemon. The best thing for everyone was to just pack up and go somewhere else. Westhost seems pretty good, I'm pretty happy with them. They're definitely more professional and customer oriented. For now I see no reason to switch but thanks for the tip.