Shred Fest
Sun Mar 13th 2005, 10:14pm
I spent several hours this weekend shredding about 10 years worth of old utility bills, bank and credit card statements. Also, as a special treat I shredded the last speeding tickets my wife and I each got, many years ago, which felt good. You can see from the pictures that this generated a huge volume of shredded paper, which completely filled our recycle can.

Given the ridiculous quantity of credit card applications and other miscellaneous junk mail that I get every week (see third picture, showing only a couple day's worth), and major potential for identify theft (apparently prison inmates are employed to sort through the recycle contents), I think I'll set up a dedicated trash can with the shredder in our kitchen.

Visitor comments
On Tue Mar 15th 2005, 9:35am, Forest posted:
I always worry about all those credit card applications I get sent. If at all possible, I usually tear them in half...not sure if that really help, but at least they can't sign up for one in my name using the app.

On Tue Mar 15th 2005, 10:42pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Yeah, that's what I usually do too... and that's probably better than nothing. Hopefully the crooks will skip a ripped up credit card app for the next one that's not.