Google woes
Sun Mar 27th 2005, 4:10pm
One inherent problem with having a weblog with a rolling front page is that Google indexes the most recent article using the top-level link to the site (, instead of its permalink ( What this means is whenever I add a new article, and until Google gets around to re-indexing my pages, Google will offer people a link that them takes them to a different page than they expected. Of course, if they feel like expending a little effort they can probably find the page they wanted, but I know I usually don't in that situation.

Strangely, googling for answers to this problem turns up surprisingly little. But there's so much noise out there on understanding Google, maybe there are lost gems of wisdom I just can't find.

I did find one clever-sounding solution a little while back, and that was to add a meta tag to the top-level page, with content="noindex,follow". That is, don't index this page, but follow all the links on it. Seemed like a great idea at the time, surely Google would ignore but index everything else, using their permalinks. Bad idea, big time. Searching for "kehlet" or "steve kehlet" used to put me on the top page, but I become non-existent for about a month or two after I tried that (even though I pulled it right away).

Another solution I really liked is what does. Going to that top-level URL issues a temporary redirect (302) to the most recent magazine page (as of today, But everyone says temporary redirects are a major no-no with Google. But, their PageRank doesn't seem to suffer for it, maybe it's worth a shot.

If anyone has any ideas on what is the right thing to do here, I'm all ears, please let me know.