Garage Wiring Cleanup
Sat May 7th 2005, 7:19pm
Ever since I finished the first phase of my home wiring project, I'd always been a little bit unhappy with the wiring in the garage. I used these small, square sticky pads with zip ties to bundle the cabling and run it along the garage walls and ceiling. Well, sure enough, after a year of varying environmental conditions, some of the pads lost their stickiness and the cabling began to fall. Then as one fell, the ones around it fell, all in domino-style fashion. I'd come home from work to find cable hanging in the path of my car, so I'd end up re-sticking the cable up to the ceiling to buy some time until I could figure out a better solution.

The real problem was I was too cheap to pay the exorbitant prices for proper cable management the first time around. If you shop around for cable tracking, it's somewhere between $7-10 for each 6 foot strip. Plus corner pieces, etc, it would easily cost $100-$150 just for a bunch of plastic.

Well, now it came down to shelling out $125 bucks or living with the cable falling down. So I decided to part with the cash and spend a few hours installing it. I must say, I'm very happy I did--it looks so much better now. In addition to the sticky stripping on the back of the plastic strips, which I'm pretty sure will hold a lot better than the individual square pads, I also screwed in the strips at various key locations into studs in the garage ceiling. That should hold it.

Visitor comments
On Mon May 9th 2005, 9:37am, Forest posted:
Looks pretty slick! Wish I had my own place to wire up! :D