MacBook Pro is Here!
Tue Feb 21st 2006, 9:51pm
It's here! And it's amazing!! Go ahead, call me an Apple fanboy, but this is definitely the most amazing upgrade I've ever experienced. Finally, Mac OS X is fast.

While the Migration Assistant is finishing up moving data off my old 1.25GHz G4, 15" Aluminum Powerbook, let's compare the two. This first thing I noticed is that the MacBook is noticably lighter and thinner. Opening the lids and inspecting them, the MacBook is just a little bit wider. The trackpad is much wider. The keys are more matted, but otherwise of identical size and layout. There are two latches for the lid instead of one, and they seem to hold the lid down much better--there is almost no rattle, and no gap, with the lid closed. There is a camera at the very top, for use with iChat, and a fun program called Photo Booth which lets you take pictures with it, with lots of fun special effects. Also, there's an IR receiver at the front, by the lid button, presumably so you can use the provided remote for controlling iPhoto and friends even with the lid closed. On the sides, there's no modem (are modems finally dead?), no 800Mb firewire jack, and a weird 3/4 size PC Card slot. The power connector is a great improvement--smaller and magnetic, it's very nice.

In the following pictures, the new MacBook is on the left, the old Powerbook on the right:

Once OS X booted up, looking at the two systems it's obvious how much brighter and clearer the display on the MacBook is. I tried browsing a few sites with Safari. Safari launched instantly--the icon didn't even bounce once in the dock! One of my biggest beefs with the Apples I've owned to date is how slow the scrolling is--in Safari, and especially the Finder. Between this system's 7200 RPM SATA hard drive and the faster processor, scrolling is now very, very fast. Not a problem any more! It's obvious this is a much, much faster system. The hardware has finally caught up with the software.

Of course, you're all waiting to hear how well World of Warcraft performed. Fortunately, the recent 1.9.3 patch had already installed the Universal binaries, so all I had to do was drag and drop the application folder over and launch it. At 1440x900, and all the bells and whistles maxed out, it's absolutely fantastic and blew me away. Spinning around as fast as I could move the mouse in the middle of Orgrimmar there was absolutely no slowness whatsoever. It completely smokes my Athlon 64 3000/nVidia 6800 PC at home. I'll definitely be using this system from now on.

That's all I have time for, yay faster hardware!

Visitor comments
On Sun Mar 12th 2006, 9:30pm, Sean posted:

Did you get a fully maxed out MacBook, or one of stock configurations? WoW performance is the only benchmark I care about!!

On Wed Mar 15th 2006, 10:31pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Hi Sean, yeah, it's maxed out... all but the 2GHz processor instead of the 2.1, which is $300 more and would have delayed shipping by 3+ weeks. It has 2GB of ram, and the 7200 rpm drive. The WoW performance is excellent.