Water heater disaster
Thu Jan 16th 2003, 9:11pm

Water damage sucks.

One otherwise peaceful Thursday night I came home to find the baseboards in the bathroom just inside our garage unusually wet. Further investigation revealed that one of the hoses to our water heater, shown in the surrounding pictures, had started a slow drip that in time had flooded the whole area underneath it, and leaked through the wallboard into the bathroom.


So, realizing (a bit reluctantly) that the damage wasn't just on the surface, and that I probably couldn't just hope this whole thing would dry up by itself, I called our insurance company the next day and they sent some guys that night. You can see the blowers and other equipment they set up. Later, after talking to a number of other people who've experience this type of thing (I was surprised how many) I was glad my wife talked me into it, as I didn't really relish the idea of having mold growing inside my walls.

This whole experience reminded me somewhat of a particularly exciting experience at one of my former employers, Reef, where burglers, after somewhat unsuccessfully robbing the building of computers, had set fire to a door they couldn't break down resulting in the sprinkler system activating. The place was an absolute mess. The aftermath--and I mean having to work there as the building was being blow-dried and chemically cleaned--was even worse. It's another story entirely but that was the final cue for me to find a new job.