Coding Horror
Wed Dec 12th 2007, 5:13pm
Lately I've been loving reading this guy's blog, Coding Horror. Thanks go to Oscar for giving me the heads up on him. What's refreshing about his blog is the "enough with the bullshit" attitude towards so many of the headaches we endure every day in software development. While many of his posts seem to be sort where you read it, nod your head and say "you're so right", his opinions are backed with real evidence and anecdotes (usually from on the job experience) and he always has suggestions on how to improve a bad situation. Take a look at a few of my favorites: Give this guy a try, I've since added him to my daily read.

Visitor comments
On Fri Dec 21st 2007, 2:50pm, David posted:
While not a coder by trade, I can sympathize with what you go through after reading some of these examples. I think I should start a blog titled "Everyone's A Network Engineer!" With a tagline that goes something like..."Installing a Linksys Router = CCIE" or my favorite "Bridging The Gap Between Knowing a Little and Knowing Why"

Like how I incorporated the 'bridging' reference? But I digress.

Nice post. Glad to see you are making regular contributions. I need to jump over to OGs post. I think I saw something about bacteria and germs...

On Sun Jan 27th 2008, 11:24pm, Bill posted:
I've been reading his stuff non-religiously for several months now.

A lot of his posts I agree with but even the ones I don't, there is still good information to be had. For instance, F5 is my build process currently and I really don't have any reason to change it. But I know that is going to have to change when our team gets bigger the advantages of a build server outlined here will definately come into play.