My Bloody Valentine are Back
Fri Jul 18th 2008, 6:38pm
Just now, on a whim (actually, after reading something else that jogged my memory), I googled around to see if anything had happened in the last decade from a favorite band of mine from my college days, My Bloody Valentine. For years, Kevin Shields, the lead of the group, kept promising more albums to follow the group's most successful album from '92, Loveless, but it just never happened. Rumor was they had nearly bankrupted Creation records in creating Loveless, and it seemed he was set to do it again with his new label, Island, spending lots of money but never quite coming up with anything good enough (in his opinion) to release.

I was even on a mailing list for fans of the group. Slowly, after years of false promises, rumors, and nothing but "Hey, Kevin played with such-and-such group the other day...", we finally gave up on any new MBV content and slowly trickled off.

I still listen to Loveless in the car occasionally.

Today my googling revealed the band are back together, and playing concerts. They will be in the US this fall. A new album may be on the way. And with the marvels of our modern Internet, right now I'm watching a YouTube video of My Bloody Valentine blasting the eardrums out of every single person in what looks like a packed room full of people. Amazing! Horrible sound and video quality aside, you are still assaulted by the heavily-distorted guitar wails and "glides" that are the band's signature, more powerful and raw than I've ever heard before.

A search away and I also found a recent performance of To Here Knows When, a nonsensical title of one of my favorites. Wow, all kinds of videos up there.

There is also an mp3 recording available of the whole concert. Apparently, they're just playing existing material, nothing new, which is a small disappointment, but after slowly becoming disillusioned long ago, and frankly never expecting to hear anything from them again, it's a welcome treat.