Weblog development
Wed Apr 9th 2003, 10:43pm
All the code for this weblog is completely alpha, there are probably bugs, especially after I recently rolled up the code into the top level of my home page. I'm using a persistence mechanism I've cultivated in recent months, one which I finally like because it seems to "fit" with PHP pretty well: powerful but not too complicated. There's even access control so you can't change other people's postings, etc. The biggest problem is the handling of urls in users' comments, they get totally mangled. There is no index page listing all articles. If you add a comment to an article, you get sent back to a page just showing that article, without working Next/Prev links. I'd also like to set up email notification in case of updates. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Finally, although my first love in databases was MySQL, I'm trying out PostgreSQL since it seems really slick and full-featured. So far it's really nice, I like it a lot, especially since it seems to model a lot off Oracle, and that's what I use mostly these days (at work, that is).

Visitor comments
On Sat Apr 12th 2003, 3:26pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
I've changed the handling of user postings to allow all HTML. If people start putting in img tags with content inappropriate for children I will disable this :-).

On Sun Apr 13th 2003, 1:28pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
I added an index of articles in the right nav bar. Posting comments now works really well, you are returned to the index listing with the targeted article at the top of the page with working nav links.

On Sun Apr 13th 2003, 7:05pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Email updates now available! The mailer even fixes relative urls and converts them to absolute as it sends out email.

On Wed Apr 16th 2003, 10:24pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
I know the link colors look terrible, especially in Mozilla. I am working on it :-).

On Fri Apr 18th 2003, 11:31am, Steve Kehlet posted:
looks like IE has some problems with the drop shadows.... working on it.