My new site
Fri Apr 18th 2003, 10:28am
Hear ye, hear
ye! So here it is: my new and improved web site. I've decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, so I arranged this site in the form of a weblog. The idea is to showcase an eclectic mix of mostly personal events (humorous or otherwise) with a light sprinkling of technical commentaries.

I debated for a while whether even to do something like this, because it seems to me that the world really doesn't need another vanity weblog. Who wants to read yet more self-indugent blither from some guy who obviously doesn't have enough to do at his day job that he has time to go home and play amateur journalist?

I hope I'm not that guy. I don't think I'm that guy. Putting this much together has taken several months of spending an hour here, an hour or two there. And while the nature of this site is somewhat self-centered, being my site and all, my goal was to make navigation easy enough so visitors could find and comment on articles they found interesting (if any), and skip the rest. I even have an email notification system to which you can subscribe to catch updates to the site, so you don't have to bother checking in.

Finally, the real inspiration for this site was similar efforts by various friends of mine, many of which I don't see very often, whose sites I found very interesting and a great way to keep abreast of what's new and interesting in their lives.

Oh, and you might be wondering about the giraffe in the upper right corner, the chimps on the right, and the whole "wild animal park" thing. It's a theme I was hoping to fill out across the site. Actually, the giraffe was just an experiment with the Gimp, and I did the top and right dynamic bars just to see if my ideas on how to do it worked. I'm really more of a left-brained type so for me this was a unprecendented amount of creativity :-).

I plan on doing more with this site as time goes, but with the code finally at beta-quality now, it's time to stop tinkering with it and start using it. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Visitor comments
On Fri Apr 18th 2003, 1:26pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Regarding my comment, "doesn't have enough to do at his day job", you might be wondering how it is I'm posting this at 1:30 on a Friday. Actually, I had the day off work, since for some bizarre reason my employer gives us Good Friday off (though not Presidents' Day, nor Martin Luther King Jr. day) :-).

On Fri Apr 18th 2003, 2:22pm, fzachman posted:
Nice lookin' site ya got here, Stevie mah boy! ;) Seriously though, I dig the theme. And it further increases the urges I have to redo my own site. Curse you!

On Fri Apr 18th 2003, 2:50pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
I wasn't kidding about the several months bit. Trying to make a decent looking web site is a lot of work! No wonder I stick with the back-end stuff.

On Fri Apr 18th 2003, 3:00pm, fzachman posted:
Hehe, yeah, that's why I went with my simple CSS style site. You should see all the old, horrible attempts and making my own website design I've done. Ugh. Oh yeah...I'm gonna add your link on my site...that cool? If ya wanna keep it private I'll leave it off.

On Fri Apr 18th 2003, 3:54pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
No problem on the link. I liked your commentary in the galleries on your site. Some of your artwork is great, btw. I was thinking of setting up a set of "museum" pages for some of my previous web site efforts, since they're somewhat comical. Unfortunately, getting all the links to work, so the visit would at least be interesting, started becoming a huge pain even from the start. Oh well.

On Sun Apr 27th 2003, 10:12pm, srehorn posted:
Greetings Mr Kehlet, and thank you for the invitation, and hello other ex-techfuelies. Nice job on the site, it works. Hope things are going well, I'll post mo another time when I get a chance to read some more. see ya! btw, my work email is scott.rehorn at quest dot com (that's quest software, and not the bankrupt phone company). Toodle ooo

On Mon Apr 28th 2003, 10:19pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Rehorn! Thanks for stopping by. Working at Quest? That's great! How's that book of yours?