Crown moulding project
Sat Apr 19th 2003, 5:00pm
This was definitely the most ambitious home improvement project I've taken to date. Now, you've seen my pictures regarding Guest Room Painted and Primer Goodness, so you already know the guest room has been an ongoing project. Here are some photos before, during, and after. You can see how tough the bevelled corner was: the corner was cut by a 45 degree angle wall, adding charm to the room, but creating a crown moulding nightmare. Now I'm no pro, but it finally occurred to me that since the 45 degree corners were rounded out, not hard angles, I'd need to use a little tiny piece of moulding in each to round it out. Before I was done I must have made a million cuts with my saw and mitre box kit you can see pictured here.

Visitor comments
On Fri Apr 25th 2003, 6:54pm, mkindig posted:
Next time you do Crown Molding, let me know. I have a power compound mitre saw you are wholly welcome to borrow. Looks great though! Since I have the old plaster walls, the guys at Lowe's told me to use Liquid Nails -- some icky glue, which DID NOT work for me. Stick with a good pneumatic air-powered nail gun.

On Fri Apr 25th 2003, 7:35pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
Thanks, Michael, I might just take you up on that :-). But I think I'll be taking a reprieve on doing anything fancy like this for a while.... though I do think it would be a lot easier next time. The hardest part was visualizing how to make the cuts, since you have to turn the moulding upside-down in the mitre box. It always seemed I was having to make cuts using my left hand, or backwards.