Trip to Berkeley
Mon Sep 1st 2003, 10:30am
Over Labor Day weekend Angela and I went up to Berkeley to attend Angela's cousin's wedding. It was 10 years ago (in the fall semester of '93) that Angela and I met at UC Berkeley as students in the Unit 3 dormitory, so while we were in the area we took a little time after the big event to visit some of our favorite sites near the campus and indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

Here are some photos from our trip, starting with Telegraph Avenue, then finishing on campus. One thing to note is we were doing this at around 11am on Sunday, so although school is in session, there aren't a lot of people out and about on the streets, and the campus appeared to be pretty much deserted. Too early in the semester for anyone to be studying, I guess :-).

The high-rise in the center of the picture is one of the four buildings that make up Unit 3. The building Angela and I lived in faces the pictured building.
Pictured here are the two major pizza joints in the area, which provided lots of slices of delicious pizza well into the very late hours of the night for myself and countless other students. Blondie's is the older, and I believe the better, but Fat Slice is a serious contender.
In the center of the picture here is Rasputin's Records, a great place to browse for music and find music from many obscure groups you definitely wouldn't find at your typical mainstream music shop. Despite the rise in popularity of online music shopping (myself included) there's something nice about flipping through CDs trying to find anything new by your favorite groups--and odds are if it exists, this place has it.
Annapurna is one of the local curiosities in Berkeley, a head shop where you can purchase all sorts of paraphernalia for smoking, ahem, tobacco. All perfectly legal.
But remember kids: this is a Drug Free Zone, so you'll have to go somewhere else to find drugs to smoke in the stash you just bought at Annapurna. Right. These signs definitely weren't there 10 years ago. It was too early in the morning to judge if the pushers were really gone or not.
Moving onto the campus, this is one of UC Berkeley's primary photo ops: Sather Gate. This view is from the South, and most classes lie beyond this gate.
This intimidating-looking building is Sproul, the administrative building. As well it should have looked, since any time you had to go there it wasn't exactly a pleasant visit.
Here's what I felt to be a rather cinematic shot of Wheeler Hall, with the centerpiece of the campus, the Campanile, rising in the background. I always thought the Campanile was a beautiful attraction, so much that I even requested a particular dorm room my sophomore year where I could see it out my window.
Here are some other buildings around campus: South Hall, which is a major historical landmark due to its age.
This is Dwinelle, where classes of all types were given in its many lecture halls. It shocks me to see the plaza and the building so empty--normally there are millions of people swarming in and out of it.
Here's Doe Library (the "main" library) with Moffit (the undergrad library) in the background.
The enormous, block-shaped building pictured here is Evans, the Math/CS building.

Visitor comments
On Sun Jun 25th 2006, 1:59pm, Matt posted:
Your alma mater is very impressive. Great pictures, keep up the good work.

On Thu Oct 11th 2007, 5:24pm, Visitor posted:
I was a freshman there in '93. I lived in Bowles hall and Unit 3 my second year. What a coincidence. :)