Knights of the Old Republic
Sat Nov 8th 2003, 10:21am
Well I don't mean to get in the habit of posting about every single game I play, but this one was unusually good. All the reviews I've read also typically give it the highest ratings. The gameplay is a third-person perspective of your characters, up to 3 at once, with an intuitive interface for interacting with things and engaging in combat, all of course in a universe consistent with Lucas' vision of Star Wars.

The whole time you play you're given opportunities to play for the light or dark side. This round I chose the light side, but I assure you in conversing with a number of idiots in the game I was always tempted to choose the responses towards the bottom with scathing comebacks or bullying tactics. I've considered playing again and giving in to the dark side, as I understand at some point in the game (towards the end) your choices actually change the outcome of the game. It would be fun to try, but it is a pretty long game. I did try it for about 30 minutes, and while I found the dark side responses fairly satisfying, it didn't really change anything except to elicit astonished or chiding remarks from your companions.

Give it a try. It's fun. Xbox now, out for PC soon.

Visitor comments
On Tue Dec 23rd 2003, 11:46am, clay posted:
I just finished playing KOTOR on the PC (I also played the light side) and I have to say it was the most entertaining game I've played in ages. I was hesitant to pick up an RPG because, well, I never really got into them. All the hubbub about die rolls had always turned me off. So, I was expecting another "hack and slash" type of game. Boy was I surprised. At first I was annoyed because my party members fought like complete idiots and I had to pause the game to give proper combat instructions. But then something unexpected happened. I got *completely* sucked in to the game. I found myself actually reading about attack modifiers and a lot of the stuff that made me give up RPGs in the first place. Anyway, I'm very pleasantly surprised. I hope BioWare can do it again sometime soon. Two thumbs up.