Thanksgiving 2003
Fri Nov 28th 2003, 12:36pm
Angela and I are thankful this year for our chief blessing: having each other. And to celebrate, we cooked up a heck of a feast. Highlights this year include a double turkey breast (hot tip: forget all the extraneous stuff), and a Steve & Angela first: a homemade apple pie. Wow--great stuff.
Here we have a mixed assortment of green and red apples, sliced up and coated with cinnamon and sugar, ready to be used in our apple pie.
Turkey's in the oven!
Java, clearly high-strung from all the activity, is hiding out on the mantle.
Moka's just looking for handouts from a sympathetic human. We're suckers--she'll get her turkey eventually.
Beautiful! The bird came out looking great.
After a bit of slicing, you can see the turkey is moist and delicious (and cooked :-) ) all the way through.
Back to the pie, Angela made the crust, and we've just finished filling it.
Pie's all done, doesn't that look fantastic. It tasted great too--perfect with a little ice cream.