Infrastructure Guy
Wed Jan 28th 2004, 10:17pm
Twice recently I've gotten the opportunity to visit my company's satellite office in Boulder Colorado to meet and greet the folks there, install a bunch of equipment, and generally bring their infrastructure up to our "corporate standards". In a way, I feel like I should be dressed up like a Borg walking in there, speaking of how "resistance is futile" and "you will be assimilated". (Do Borg jokes ever get old?) There's something about the people at a satellite office of a Fortune 500 company, everyone's attitude is refreshing--it's a reminder of what working at a startup was like, where there's no bureaucracy, everyone just wants to work hard to meet the ridiculous deadlines, and you just hope the "evil empire" on the horizon doesn't bother you too much so you can get your stuff done.

But enough nostalgia. This time I was the guy from the evil corporate headquarters, out to overhaul their compute servers, install some new networking equipment, and make some adjustments to the storage array. Oh, and while I was there, gather some more of their issues and requirements and report back.

The guys there were great and I had a good time each visit. I must say from what I could tell on my drives between Denver and Boulder, it seems like a great place to live with decent and friendly people everywhere. My jaw about dropped as I looked to the East to see a huge snow-capped mountain range in the distance. The open plains, clear skies, and visibility were simply amazing.

My last trip I spent two days indoor, however--installing ten new systems, installing a bunch of cable management ducting, installed some additional stackable switches, and re-running cabling to all the systems in our grid cluster. It was exhausting work about as in the trenches as you can get in my field :-). I did have some help from one of the local guys for some of it at least. Here are some before and after pictures:
Ten new systems (w/ cabling neatly managed), and cabling cleaned up for the previous systems in the background.

Router and multi-component switch installed.

Visitor comments
On Wed Jan 28th 2004, 10:30pm, srehorn posted:
Hey Steve-- sounds like a comic book in the making! I can see it now: Messy machine rooms quake at the thought of...INFRASTRUCTURE GUY
hee hee hee

On Fri Jan 30th 2004, 1:36pm, jrice posted:
It's a small web, after all... You are right about the number of sites that haven't been updated in years, broken links, and general neglect. Kind of like friendships. I have been neglecting mine. Remember me?

On Sat Jan 31st 2004, 11:30pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
> Messy machine rooms quake at the thought of...INFRASTRUCTURE GUY

He comes in, he cleans up, he installs new equipment. His only weakness: the incessant, pesky questions from his user base!

This reminds me of one of my favorite Demotivational posters: Apathy.

On Sat Jan 31st 2004, 11:39pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
> On ... jrice posted: Remember me?

Hey Jim, of course I do. Last time I saw you you were doing consulting work for a certain technology firm in Irvine. I seem to recall you were having some trouble with your bike :-). How's life been treating you? Drop me a private email, steven@you-know-the-domain.