Web site moved
Wed Feb 25th 2004, 3:17pm
Despite my rantings in the previous article The Latest Move in Cox's Arms Race, I've finally decided to pack up my site and move it to a web hosting provider. I probably could have continued to play the endless game of one-upmanship with Cox to keep my site at home and visible from the net, but the uplink speeds are truly, truly horrible, and ultimately the games have just grown tiresome.

Finally one day recently I took a look around and realized that web host providers really don't cost that much. I could get a gig of disk space, 30 gigs of transfers, and root on a box to do whatever I wanted for $50/month. That may be a bit extravagant, but split it with a friend or two and it's really dirt cheap.

So far I'm very happy with this provider, Apollo Hosting. The speeds are incredible. I hope reading my articles now becomes a little less painful :-).

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