Same Old Stuff, new look and feel
Sun Jun 20th 2004, 7:59pm
Today I closed the gates to the Wild Animal Park after a year and a half of service, and yes folks, this includes my signature giraffe in the upper right hand corner. But, continuing my apparent penchant for our four-legged mammalian friends, I've re-branded the site under the name "The Elk Gazette". Why The Elk? Well, it's really silly, but "The Elk" is an anagram for "Kehlet", so there you go. As part of the new site, I was working on the new logo, trying to turn it into an animated gif with radio waves coming off the antlers, but at one point it occurred to me just exactly what I was doing and I realized enough was enough :-).

None of the content has changed, merely the look and feel. I finally broke down and decided to go the CSS route, for as much as I could at least. I definitely agree that CSS is excellent for separating style from content, however it still seems grossly inadequate for layout. Either you have pixel-by-pixel, absolute control over everything (which many browsers have problems with, forcing you to do funny hacks), or you're left with the somewhat unpredictable "float" elements. I suppose it's called Cascading Style--not Layout--Sheets for a reason, but I wouldn't try telling that to some of the CSS fanatics out there. So I shot for a happy medium: CSS for style, and one single table for layout. And the result is typical for a CSS site: rather boxy looking, but streamlined, clean, and fast. And let's be honest--a bit less cheesy too (I hope).

Still to do is some work on the blog engine itself, e.g. I've been wanting to allow postings without logging in first, etc. So much fun.

Visitor comments
On Sun Jun 20th 2004, 9:22pm, Steve Kehlet posted:
I modified the posting system so you no longer have to be logged in to post. One less annoyance to deal with.