Goodbye, D-Link POS-2000 cable modem
Wed Jul 14th 2004, 1:12am

For two years now I've been stuck with this crappy D-Link cable modem that keeps freezing up every few months. It's been a major nuisance, and I usually I just come home from work and power cycle the thing and everything comes back. Unfortunately I have some kind of quasi-business account, tied to my employer, where just buying my own modem isn't an option, I have to use this standard issue, crappy D-Link PCM-200. So in the past I've called Cox asking them to please replace the thing, but I've always gotten the runaround, "... uh, yeah sure Mr. Kehlet, call us next time it happens and we'll send out a truck to run some diagnostics...". Right, and then there's like a week or so lead time on getting an appointment with the guy in the truck.

Today was the last straw. Two days in a row it's locked up. Finally, I decided I was going to take action. I didn't care if I had to take a hammer to the thing to get someone to give me a new one ("... oh yeah, it fell off the shelf..."), but I wasn't going to take "no" for an answer.

Long time readers will know about my ongoing vendetta with Cox (see: Web site moved, Massive Cox Outage, and The Latest Move in Cox's Arms Race). Earlier today I figured this very article I'm writing was going to be another irate blast at Cox's ineptitude and how they'd wronged me yet again. As it turns out, I really have to give Cox credit this time. Believe it or not, I got same day service. I called this morning, got a call back from a tier 2 rep around 4pm, and around 7pm the guy in the truck came out and swapped out the D-Link for a very nice looking Motorola. I'm still shocked but so far so good.

Visitor comments
On Thu Jul 15th 2004, 8:19pm, Matt posted:
I've never used d-link cable modems but i have used d-link switchs for years now and the only problem i ever had was the fan's bearings seized and had to be replaced. However, i'd be highly suspicious of anything provided by those COX. oh and it's nice now that i don't get smtp_connection_refused anymore :)

On Thu Jul 15th 2004, 11:24pm, srehorn posted:
Mr Kehlet! I like your "adapted" acronym for the product. I think you should be in marketing for your day job...

On Fri Jul 16th 2004, 11:40am, Steve Kehlet posted:
Matt: I agree, I've had other D-Link products and they've seemed fine, this one has always just been a piece of junk. When I started at my current employer I had to give up my previous one, a really nice Toshiba. Hopefully there will be no more pesky outages. Scott: Thanks! I've always had a knack for derogatory catch phrases :-).