Beautiful Colorado Country
Mon Aug 9th 2004, 12:55am
For 5 days and nights I am staying in Louisville, Colorado while moving an office for my employer in the neighboring cities of Boulder and Lafayette. I arrived into Denver just in time to witness a magnificent electrical storm display like none I'd seen since living in the Midwest as a child. After the rains came clear skies and beautiful weather, some of which I captured in these photographs while driving from the Denver airport to my hotel. The blue skies, the open hills, the lush terrain, the crisp, clean air of the high country, and the view of the Rocky Mountains dominating the West invoke a strange, invigorating feeling--something virtually unknown to me after years of living in Southern California, with its cramped quarters, manicured lawns, road rage, and heavy smog. It's a shame most of my time here has been spent indoor slaving over a bunch of computers.

Visitor comments
On Mon Aug 9th 2004, 10:26am, Forest posted:
I hear ya. I took a trip to Austin, TX recently and was just amazed at the open skies and greenery. Man, gotta get outta Cali!