Tue Sep 28th 2004, 8:40pm
If only life were so straightforward: do good deeds, instantly be recognized and rewarded. Do evil deeds, instantly be feared and shunned. This is the backdrop of Fable, as you run around solving quests and killing monsters. It is insanely fun. From the same guy as Black and White, you can see a very similar tongue-in-cheek humor (or humour, as the game would spell it) running throughout. Men cheer you, women swoon over you (well, some men do too), all in all its very self-gratifying to walk into a town and receive a hero's welcome after a difficult quest.

I'm playing as a fighter, supplementing my fighting style with a few choice spells. A good technique I've found is to Force Push enemies as they approach, then Assassin Rush right up behind one of them and knock him over the head. Beat him a few times, then use a flourish once it's charged up. As the rest of the monsters get back up and begin closing in, repeat. Seems very effective. I was never very good at arcade games like Street Fighter, but with enough practice even I have become something of a force to reckon with. Or maybe making me feel that way was exactly the game's intent :-).

Visitor comments
On Sun Jul 24th 2005, 6:46pm, Visitor posted:
where do the assassin's appear on fable for the quest assassin attack's?

On Mon Jul 25th 2005, 10:14am, Steve Kehlet posted:
Sorry, it's been so long since I played I have no idea. I'm sure you could find out by googling around.

On Fri Apr 6th 2007, 10:42am, Visitor posted:
Where do I get dark platemail.