About Steve Kehlet's Pages

Hello, I'm Steve Kehlet, and this is my blog.

This site is just a hobby--what you'll find here is a peephole into a few of my interests as I find time to play amateur writer. After four years you still won't find many personal details or pictures, and this is deliberate. While I'm happy to have an outlet for my occasional creative side, and a small way of "giving back" to a medium that's provided me with so much, I'm keenly aware that the Internet never forgets, and we'd all do well to watch what we post on public forums.

So... on this site you'll find a number of articles on a variety of topics, from technology and computers, to books, to social commentary, to pictures of my cats and Thanksgiving. I have fun writing this stuff, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you do, I'd appreciate it if you'd post a comment!